Oral Surgery

While most dental extractions can be accomplished in our office, some types of surgery must be performed by a qualified oral surgeon.

Oral surgeons are licensed in dentistry and receive additional years of training.

At Affinity Dental, we provide in office oral sedation for lesser dental extractions. You´re given a pill to take the night before your appointment, and then an additional pill or pills once you arrive. Before you now it, you'll be ready to go home- with a healthy mouth and a bright smile.

If you´ve been suffering from any of the above maladies, you may be a candidate for oral surgery.


Digital X-Rays and Intra-Oral Camera !
Now you can see and understand what the dentist is telling you.

Implants !
Different types implants can be used in different situations. Some are very affordable and a good choice to replace missing teeth, or to secure full or partial dentures.

Invisalign (Invisible Braces) !
Now you can have straight teeth without those noticeable, painful metal braces.

Advanced Sterilization Procedures !
We use state of the art sterilization procedures to ensure our patients safety.

New Patient Routine Cleaning, Exam And X-Rays
In the Absence of Periodontal Disease

Off Any Cosmetic Procedures
*for lab fabricated procedures i.e. porcelain crowns and veneers, Invisalign

*These offers do not expire*

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