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Sedation Dentist San DiegoFor some people, finding a competent, qualified sedation dentist in San Diego is a top priority. Fear of dental treatment is common, and though we do everything we can to ensure patient comfort here at Affinity Dental Hillcrest, sometimes different sedation options are needed for nervous patients! Call us today for more information.

At Affinity Dental Hillcrest, we understand that for some people, going to the dentist is just plain scary. With the way some of the old dental treatments were done, it's certainly understandable! At our clinic, our staff is sedation certified. In addition to patient satisfaction, we put a strong emphasis on patient comfort at our clinic - but we know that the nervousness might still be there. For that reason, we offer different sedation options for different dental procedures, so that every patient can rest assured of being as comfortable as possible. When your teeth and gums aren't at their best, it can affect your overall health, and we want to make sure that you get the dental treatment that you need. For that reason, our goal is to provide treatment for you that is as stress-free as possible. We offer an option called "sleep sedation", which is much safer than general anesthesia but still highly effective in allowing you to go through treatment without any discomfort. Patients are always monitored while under sedation to make sure that everything is fine and many often report that they didn't remember a thing, which is perfectly normal! We tailor the sedation to the treatment that is going to be done and also to the level of patient anxiety. Our patients come back to us repeatedly for their dental care needs because they know that we not only provide the highest quality treatment but pain-free and stress-free treatment as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment for dental care.

When you're looking for a sedation dentist in San Diego, Affinity Dental Hillcrest is a good choice. We put patient comfort high on the list of our priorities and our patients will tell you that it makes a big difference. Call us today to schedule an $89 new-patient exam, cleaning and x-rays, and let us show you what we can do for you.


Digital X-Rays and Intra-Oral Camera !
Now you can see and understand what the dentist is telling you.

Implants !
Different types implants can be used in different situations. Some are very affordable and a good choice to replace missing teeth, or to secure full or partial dentures.

Invisalign (Invisible Braces) !
Now you can have straight teeth without those noticeable, painful metal braces.

Advanced Sterilization Procedures !
We use state of the art sterilization procedures to ensure our patients safety.

New Patient Routine Cleaning, Exam And X-Rays
In the Absence of Periodontal Disease

Off Any Cosmetic Procedures
*for lab fabricated procedures i.e. porcelain crowns and veneers, Invisalign

*These offers do not expire*

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