Affinity Dental Hillcrest's Dr. A. Gerald Michels, DDS, has been working with patients for more than 40 years. A graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School, Michels says that he has continually worked to provide the latest dental treatments to patients at affordable prices. In these articles, he offers tips on how to keep your smile bright, white, and healthy.

Are Dental Sealants Ever A Good Option For Adults?

Although dental sealants are best known for preventing cavities in kids, they can also be an effective way to limit the chances of decay and bacteria growth in adult patients as well. Generally, dental sealants are recommended for any adults whose teeth have abnormally deep grooves and pockets where bacteria could fester and grow.

What Is An Abscessed Tooth?

An abscessed tooth occurs when bacteria and decay are allowed to grow inside a tooth, causing a gaseous pressure that results in intense pain. For patients in this condition, a root canal is generally the only option in order to repair the abscessed tooth and get rid of the pain.

Is Oral Surgery Always Necessary To Fix Impacted Teeth?

Oral surgery is the most universally recommended course of treatment to fix impacted teeth. When a general dentist talks about oral surgery, however, he is usually referring to the removal of teeth. Therefore, having oral surgery to repair an impacted tooth simply involves taking out the impacted tooth, and nothing more.

Recovering From Wisdom Tooth Removal

Although recovering from wisdom tooth removal can sometimes be uncomfortable, it should not be a painful experience. Because each person has a different tolerance for discomfort though, it can be difficult for any dentist to accurately guess how a patient will feel immediately after the procedure.

Should Kids Ever Get Dental Implants?

Dentists will rarely recommend dental implants to patients under the age of 20. The reason for this is because patients under this age generally have bones that are still growing, and dental implants will not be as effective if the bones they are placed into are still changing shape and getting larger.

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